May 31st, 2023

Stiles: 24,000+ signatures for Minden’s ER, 400,000+ against privatization showing Ford is out of touch with Ontario

QUEEN’S PARK – Marit Stiles, Leader of the Official Opposition NDP, blasted Ford in Question Period for being out of touch with Ontarians’ opinions on health care, as the Minden community races to save their emergency room and the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC) reveals deep opposition to Ford’s privatized health care agenda.

“Whether it’s voting to support public health care or an inspiring community push to save the Minden ER – Ontarians are fighting back against Ford’s out-of-touch policies. And they are not alone – the Ontario NDP are with them every step of the way.”

Just one day after Stiles tabled 24,724 signatures from Ontarians advocating to save the Minden ER, the Ontario Health Coalition revealed the results of their citizen referendum, which showed that over 400,000 people - 98% of respondents - think Ford’s plan on health care is going in the wrong direction.

“The Minden community has been extremely united in their support for local health care, and now their voices are joined by the rest of Ontario,” said MPP France Gélinas (Nickel Belt), Ontario NDP Health critic. “We know that Minden’s ER closure is a warning sign for rural communities across the province - and that Ford is not looking out for the health and well-being of Ontarians.”

“Ford’s scheme is pretty obvious – break our health care system and pave the way for privatization,” said Stiles. “I’m not buying it, and today it’s clear that Ontarians aren’t either. To everyone raising their voice today – know that it matters. Your voice is being heard. The Ontario NDP will keep bringing every petition you sign and vote you cast directly to Queen’s Park.”